Inherited the legacy of an old breed of board games, we set on the journey. Led and driven by the gaming nature in our blood, we made our way here. As told by our great ancestors, victory, for generations, falls to those who are watched over by Horus. The bravery and wisdom inherited by pharaohs for generations now revives with AORUS. In faith, we make our way forward. With passion, we refine our expertise. Forget about the frustrations, but not your unfulfilled potentials. The desire to outdo and push ourselves to the limit. Victory is never the only goal. Dedication distinguishes us. Perseverance describes us. Fight. Conquer. Challenge your embedded weakness. Embark on a self-journey unfolded in the front. Explore with AORUS. Only through trials and tribulations will true gamer spirits be recognized. Winning is an attitude, not an outcome. Let there be games. Join us on our journey.

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